12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, via Zoom


  • Spirit Wear Sale – Kristina T. has ordered the items, but we don’t know a delivery date
  • Wednesday Fun Day – Audrey G. reported on the GooseChase scavenger hunt at Lewisville Park. There were about 50 people signed up, but only about 30 came back for their prizes. We spent about $250 on prizes. The kids who participated had fun, and it was a beautiful day. Thanks, Audrey!
  • Teacher Requests – during the month of May, we have had a few requests: Middle School is having a Reading Frenzy, and has asked for CAP to provide ice cream; Candace A. has requested a second computer monitor for Mrs. Karlsen’s classroom next year. Both requests have been approved.


  • Grad Night Restaurant Fundraiser at Hazel Dell Chipotle on Wednesday, May 12, from 4-8 p.m. – we can earn 33%, so please come on out that evening!
  • Teacher Appreciation Week – May 3-7th – Hollie A. and Suzanne B. have been working on special surprises for each day. They decorated the sidewalks and had fun signs up Monday morning. They provided snacks for the teacher lounge, and gave each a cute little mailbox gift this morning. There will be another little surprise for teachers on Friday. On Thursday, CAP planned to treat the teachers to coffee, so reached out to Dutch Bros. Dutch Bros offered to treat all CAM teachers on Thursday! They just need to show their CAM IDs. Thanks, DB!!! CAP is going to purchase $100 worth of $5 gift cards as a thank you, then use them as student incentives.


  • 8th Grade Recognition – Tammy H. only has one other parent interested in helping with the graduation, so PLEASE ask your 8th grade parent friends to consider helping out. The teachers would like to celebrate on the 14th at noon. Tammy also asked for some details from last year’s planners. They had put together goody bags with stickers and candy bars, or with allergen-friendly snacks as needed. Hollie A. will send photos to Tammy. She also has the frame and will help with certificates. Tammy needs one person to do the photo booth, and a few for other jobs. PLEASE help out with this if you are able!
  •  High School Grad Night
    • Fundraisers – Panda, MOD, Red Robin, Plant Sale – these are all about wrapped up, but we don’t know the total amount of money brought in yet. Chipotle fundraiser still to come.
      The grad night committee is meeting weekly, working on making the event as fun as possible for our kids. We are planning on renting fun inflatables, lots of fun indoor (jousting, dancing with J. Denfeld as DJ, movie night, board games) and outdoor activities (campfires, smores, volleyball, yard games, pedal carts), and having an all-you-can-drink coffee bar for a couple hours (Pacific Perk coffee cart) around the middle of the night, to help the kids stay awake during the all-nighter. Thanks, everyone, for supporting our fundraising efforts!


  • 2021-2022 CAP Board needs a treasurer, and coordinators for the restaurant fundraiser,
    Thanksgiving lunch (Tammy H. volunteered at the meeting to help with the money/sign-up portion; Donita P. volunteered right after to be the coordinator – Thank you both!), game night, and high school grad committee. All these positions come with support and guidance.


  • Elections open at 1:00 pm today and will stay open until 12:00 pm on June 1. VOTE!


  • Suzanne mentioned a budget highlight for the month – over $100 from Fred Meyer was just deposited. We will be posting the full report on the website.


  • Amazon Smile, Fred Meyer Rewards, and Box Tops – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school.


  • Mr. Cowl requested CAP consider paying for photography at graduation this year. CAP members agreed. He has a quote from Dorian Photography: It will be about $7 per student for 2 5x7s,[plus $4 shipping], times about 40 students, for a total of just under $500. Sarah N. volunteered to reach out to Tyler Mode about whether he is available and what that cost might look like. She will report back to him and he can move forward with securing one of the photographer options.
  • PBIS report from Ms. Marks and Mr. Cowl – they are doing all-school incentives by grade bands, working their way up so they get to all students before the end of the year.
  • Enrollment looks good for next year. We already have over 40 kids for 3rd grade, so only a few slots, and 4th-8th are all full with waitlists. There is still room at the high school level for next year, and it looks like the 9th grade class is on track to be pretty full.
  • The open house may happen (at least mostly) virtually this year – each grade level will
    communicate with families as to what that may look like. There will not be an end-of-year bbq this year. During the upcoming rainy days, we will rotate at least the younger kids through the commons for lunch, flipping between there and outside by grade band. We will all do our best to make things work the best they can.
  • Retirements – Ruth Mills and Deb Pfeiffer are the retirees at the end of this year. Next
    year, Mrs. Karlsen and Mrs. Hart will be returning to CAM next year. A HUGE thank you to Candace Allen, who has gone above and beyond what any long-term sub would usually do – she has done an amazing job for the kids this year! Nick Wallen is on a “non-continuing” contract, so we will not be able to have him back, which is very sad for CAM.
  • The board voted, 3-2, to cut some teaching positions across the district. CAM will not
    lose any positions, but Mr. Cowl doesn’t get an interview team to work on hiring replacements for the 3 above open positions – instead, new teachers will be placed from within the district. We have had good luck with that process in the past, and look forward to seeing who joins CAM next!

Find meeting notes and more information at: www.camacademyparents.com

Next Meeting: June 1, 2021, at 12 p.m. via Zoom