November 3, 2020

6:00 pm 6:40 pm, via Zoom


  • MOD Pizza Fundraiser – happened 10/14 – there were some hiccups, but MOD was trying to make sure we got all our assigned orders. We hope to hear an update next month.
  • Payback Books – still going until the end of November! We will have an in-person sale this Wed from 10-2. We are looking for a helper from 12-2. Please let us know if you are available.
  • Library Day – For lower grade students, Wed, from 10-12:30. Melissa W. is heading this up and has arranged for attestation, check-out, and check-in.
  • Cluster Photo Sharing – Ryan B. won our drawing for his October submission and will receive a $10 Dutch Bros. gift card. New challenges are announced weekly via email and the dailies. Please remember to give the student’s name and grade when you submit photos! Some parents report not receiving the weekly email with the link – we have asked them to check spam, then let us know if they are still not receiving it.
  • Teacher and Staff Encouragement – (28 people – 18 teachers, plus staff and admin)

– monthly treats and thank you’s – Suzanne B. left “Thank you for your commit-mint” mints in October. These have been very well received. Hollie A. is taking this project on for November and December. She has some ideas for using her Cricut machine. Katie Cowl is taking January. If anyone has any ideas, future months are up for grabs – just let us know you’d like to help! Megan T. also noted that CAP is able to fund this in advance, or as a reimbursement.

  • Teacher Requests – CAP fulfilled a request for additional classroom books and supplies for Mrs. Harpe in October. Mrs. Borges just requested a book set of Holes, so we are working on that. Mr. Caughie may be turning in a request for juggling supplies soon.


  • Amazon Smile & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school.
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps. Scan receipts.


  • Pen Pal Coordinator – we offered this at the last meeting. We are just checking again if anyone is interested in arranging this. Email CAP if you are.
  • HS Grad Committee – Tori D. got an email sent out and is building a contact list. The committee is not sure what graduation will look like, but the committee will plan for both possibilities to try to be prepared. If you are interested and missed the email, please let CAP know. Mr. Cowl said Prairie Auditorium has been reserved for high school grad, in case it is able to happen.
  • 8th Grade Recognition Committee – Tori D. asked if there has been a reservation for Chief. Mr. Cowl is going to follow up and check on whether this has already been taken care of or not. It looks like 8th grade grad will be pretty early in June.


  • Budget for this year is posted on the CAP Website. Annual and monthly budgets were presented at meeting. Megan T. reported that this year has been very slow, as we are not spending a lot and we are not making a lot.


  • Minecraft was asked about – it’s on hold for a while as we are ironing out some details and fine-tuning some things. Tori D. said we are looking at all sorts of ways we can make it work better, like having it open only during certain times, and looking to have shifts monitored. She mentioned there are 8th graders who would like to help with monitoring if that is possible.
  • Game Night – January – maybe we can do a family-style Zoom with reverse charades or pictionary? Help us think up some fun ideas and details on this one! Mr. Cowl also suggested a family Cahoot night.
  • Please always feel free to reach out via with ideas, feedback, comments, questions, etc.


  • Nov. 11 – Veteran’s Day – Evan S. and Lynae M. interviewed their veteran grandparents and Evan is working on a presentation. Mr. Cowl will also have some resources to share. These will be presented school-wide during the week of Veteran’s Day so we can all get an assembly-type feel, even while distanced. We really want to continue to emphasize our gratitude for the service of our veterans. THANK YOU!
  • It doesn’t look like we will get to have our normal Nov. and Dec. school events. We cannot have our Thanksgiving Feast like normal, but Mr. Cowl is hoping to treat staff to a boxed breakfast before the holidays. He usually cooks them breakfast, but this year, he will pick Suzanne B.’s brain about Panera, as she did this on CAP’s behalf for Back to School-time.
  • School Pictures – Dec. 2, 12-5, and Dec. 3 – 2-6. Please come get photos, even if you don’t plan to purchase a packet. This way, we can have photos for the yearbook. Mr. Cowl is also hoping to pass out Honor Roll certificates from last year during picture time.

NEXT MEETING: December 1st, 1-1:40 p.m., on Zoom