12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, via Zoom


  • Purpose of CAP: Suzanne opened the meeting and discussed that the purpose of CAP was to encourage school involvement, spirit of community and improve the financial stability of CAP so we can fill teacher requests and support our students
  • Meeting Time/Location: Attendees were encouraged to enter their name in the chat box for attendance purposes and indicate whether they would prefer to keep CAP meetings on zoom or only in person once volunteers are allowed back on campus. 100% of the responses favored keeping CAP meetings on zoom or doing a hybrid with in person and zoom simultaneously. Keeping zoom will possibly entail meeting times being moved to 12pm to allow time for the meeting to end so parents guardians can leave to pick up kids after school.


Suzanne, Tori, Hollie and Sarah introduced themselves.

  • Tori Denfeld is our VP again this year
  • Hollie Amundson is our Secretary this year
  • Sarah Locatis is our Treasurer this year
  • Our annual Back to School Teacher Breakfast was similar to last year: Suzanne had teacher breakfast catered again- cost approximately $300.
  • Ice Cream Social went well: Great turnout. CAP provided ice cream– approximately $140. At this activity, Tammy was able to sell several payback books and Kristina had good sales of Spirit wear.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – CAP cannot function without volunteer help.

  • Need Pizza Tuesday coordinator – weekly commitment of ordering pizza, organizing volunteers, keeping supplies stocked.
  • Need Restaurant Fundraiser coordinator: Jennifer Ludin has offered to help.
  • Need Senior grad party coordinator – coordinates the after-graduation party for seniors
  • Need Game Night coordinator – Fall activity for all students and siblings
  • Need Wednesday Fun Day coordinator: ElizabethO’Neal
  • Need Teacher Appreciation coordinator: Katie Cowl?
  • In-school volunteers must be fully vaccinated and masked. CAP is required to follow regulations put in place by our district and state. Our District is currently in the process of verifying staff and will not have time to verify volunteer vaccine status (or exemptions) until they have completed this process with employees. CAP does not plan to have on site volunteers until after October 18th, which is when the district can choose to verify volunteers. We will be getting additional guidance by our district and school and can see if we will be allowed to move forward with volunteer activities at that time. Mr. Cowl is also verifying if volunteers could be on school grounds outside (vs. indoors). We would like to be able to host surprise student appreciation days but may rethink what we do so the treats are “grab and go” at the end of the day and handed out outside.
  • Must be cleared by the school district through the volunteer application on CAM website
  • Library may be reopening but the room holding books has become a catch all space and would need to be cleaned up and organized. Melissa is willing to be our librarian again this year if/when this is allowed. Wants to hold off on accepting donations given the pending move of our building. Should the library be allowed to reopen, CAP board will help get the room set up.


  • Payback Book Fundraiser – Now through Sept. 25th
    • Back to usual format
    • Please help us make it a success by promoting and purchasing
    • Tammy has sent home one payback book with each student.
  • Some parents expressed interest in making financial donations directly to CAP instead of purchasing a payback book. Donations can be placed in the locked CAP box outside the bistro. Parents can enter the school to drop off checks if they are masked. We will look into possible electronic options.
  • Spirit Wear Sale during Ice Cream Social- very successful. Kristina is checking into new designs for fall and spring. Ideas welcome. Parents who are still interested in spirit wear can contact her directly.


  • Amazon Smile (now works on iPhones!!!) & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school.
  • Amazon Smile is listed as CAP, Fred Meyer is listed as CAM Academy. No additional cost to people who purchase with Amazon smile or Fred Meyer, however donations are made to CAP when these links are used.
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps. Start scanning receipts.

Principal’s Report

  • School Levy – Denny Waters presented how the levy monies are used and the differences in funding by the state vs. what BG district provides. Enrollment is beginning to recover. 2 main goals of BG District are to provide high quality education and to improve social emotional health of students. Communicating with families and being transparent is key. Levy rate is currently 2.38$ and the new request on the November ballot is 1.99$. If we don’t have a levy, the district will need to find a way to cut an additional 30M$ out of the budget and difficult choices would need to be made. No additional bonds will be run (bonds=buildings) until the 2024 bond is expired. I believe this part of the meeting was recorded.
  • CAM Building Update: Denny Waters will be attending a school board meeting and discussing CAM. CAM supporters welcome.
  • Mr. Waters discussed moving CAM to an existing soccer field outside of BGHS on the Lewisville campus. The existing road and parking lot is a bonus. The proximity to BGHS is a bonus for students who do activities at the high school level. This location aligns with our City’s vision of BG.
  • Portables can be ordered and placed by the end of the year so there is a seamless transition for CAM to its new location.
  • BG district will relocate the soccer field to another location.
  • RHL Campus location was also considered, however there is an issue of wetlands and the BG city would ask the school district to add a road. This is extremely cost prohibitive. This area of BG is also experiencing a lot of growth so schools in this area will be possibly gaining new students over the next couple years.


Next meeting will be entirely via zoom. 10/5/21 at noon.