12:00pm via Zoom



  • Surprise Treat Day- Went well.  Many volunteers helped to hand out hot cocoa packet and candy cane to each student to take home.  Seemed like the kids were excited.
  • PBIS Store- Suzanne Baker, Katie Plummer and Hollie Amundson ran the store.  Parents and staff were extremely generous with donations.  Kids received groups of items for 1 ticket to make it affordable to all.  Additional tickets were encouraged to be added to the drawings.  We found that lines went faster when students had more choices to pick from rather than fewer choices.  Fun activity!  Hopefully we can repeat in the spring. 



  • Library- per Sara Pirolo (new volunteer), library seemed to go smoothly.  
  • Pizza Tuesday- Ideally will have 4 or 5 volunteers.  2nd and 4th Tuesday each month for now.  Prices are not changing.  Pizza slices or # breadsticks 1.25 each. Izze 75c each. Need more cases of Izze.  (Ana Taylor will get 2-4 more cases from Costco before Tuesday).
  • Spirit wear Sale- Kristina is setting this up as an ongoing sale.  Will do a large bulk order in a variety of sizes and sell out of the bistro in February. Individuals will be able to place orders for special items of their choice with CAM logo.  Cost may be slightly higher for individual items, but can be ordered at will. 
  • Scholastic Book fair- Katie Plummer is speaking with scholastic rep on Thursday.  Volunteer sign up will be in dailies and by email after we know how many people are needed. Scholastic will provide online training for registers, set up, etc. for volunteers.
  • February Surprise Treat Day- Usually this is post Valentine candy at a discount.  Hopefully we can purchase discounted candy and hand it out again. Will revisit at February CAP meeting.
  • Kids Heart Health Challenge- Need a volunteer to lead this.  Special kick off meeting for volunteer on 1/25.  Volunteer will be asked to send messages from Heart Health challenge to primary teachers, hand out prizes to students who chose to fundraise, coordinate with Captain to participate in the challenge (maybe?) and coordinate a snack for students on their activity day.  This is a primary student activity but any CAM volunteer can head this activity. Message will go out via email & be in dailies.
  • Wednesday Fun Day- Katie Plummer coordinating.  She is waiting to hear back from Cory at Salmon Creek indoor soccer.  Will get things in writing for owner’s approval and communicate the volunteers requested by soccer club in order to make this even happen.
  • Eighth Grade Recognition- 8th grade parents will start meeting soon to discuss plans for recognizing our amazing students.  Will try our best to have a special event for our kids.  Will communicate what we plan and just be flexible. 



  • Pizza Tuesday for 4th Tuesday of every month- Please use sign up genius if you can volunteer.  This is a 1 day/month commitment for 10am-1pm.  So far, we will host 2nd and 4th Tuesdays for pizza.  4-5 volunteers are ideal. 
  • Book Fair helpers- Sign up genius for Set-up, sales, cash register, and clean up will be sent out soon.  
  • Heart Health challenge coordinator- If someone is able to commit prior to 1/25, they can attend the special zoom kick off meeting.  If we don’t find a volunteer, we may not be able to participate this year. 
  • Grad Night coordinator- sending out notes to parents of CAM 12th graders to gauge interest.
  • In-school volunteers must be fully vaccinated and masked
  • Must be cleared by the school district through the volunteer application on CAM website



  • In person in February? To be determined. 



  • Amazon Smile & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school.
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps.  Scan receipts.


Treasurer’s Report- Sarah unavailable to attend.  Will process checks monthly for reimbursement.  Some reimbursements for December will be processed soon.


Principal’s Report- Discussed preliminary plans for CAM building next year.  CAM will be at Lewisville campus.  Grades 7-12 in new modular building.  Grades 3-6 in Lewisville building B temporarily.  Plan is for 3 modular buildings, courtyard, covered play area.  School board meetings will have more information as time progresses.  Staff planning meeting with Facilities people later in January.  Mr. Cowl will ask about playground area for younger grades, and if there’s a plan B if the modular building is delayed for some reason. 


We’ll see you on February 1st for our next CAP meeting.