12:00 pm – 1:00 pm via Zoom

Attendees: Suzanne Baker, Kristina Tavares, Hollie Amundson, DanL Snitily, Sara Pirolo, Britt Fobi, Jen Ludin, Donita Parker, Tori Denfeld, Ryan Cowl, Tami Norwood, Ana Taylor, Katie Plummer, Melissa Winegardner, Blanca


  • Pizza Tuesday- VERY popular. Had to limit kids to 2 slices of pizza because of high demand. Ran out of Izze– we are stocking up on Izze and working with Pizza Hut to get pizza delivered on a more timely basis. Needed 2 volunteers for 2/8 pizza day. Kristina and Blanca have agreed to help. Trying to keep 4 volunteers plus pizza coordinator for each Pizza Day.
  • Library- Will have internet access but only from a single computer. Melissa is trying to get a school chromebook for the library so she doesn’t have to use a personal computer. Having a volunteer helps speed things up. Thursdays are still busy. Will use library budget for books this year and look into scanners, etc once CAM moves. May be bringing back library treats once a month– packaged? Asked when to pack library? Maybe late May? Books will be coming to CAM. Several book shelves belong to CAP and will be moved also– already labeled.
  • Box Tops Earnings- Quarterly amount of $55.40 sent to CAP
  • Fred Meyer Rewards- $206.81 sent to CAP (60 families participating)


  • Scholastic Book Fair – Feb 14-18- Volunteers needed; sign up genius in dailies
  • Spirit Wear Sale- Bulk order coming in early week of 2/7. Kristina waiting to receive the order prior to committing to sale dates. Will sell during lunches and after school during book fair after hours. (2/14, 2/17). Bulk order did not incur shipping costs, but there will be a link for people to order specialty items (and whatever they want) online. Online orders may incur shipping fees.
  • Surprise Treat Day – Feb 25- Ana, Jen Ludin, Melissa are going to help. We have traditionally handed out candy that we purchase on clearance just after Valentine’s day.
  • Wednesday Fun day – March 16- Katie presented 2 options. Bowling alley with $5 participant cost or Indoor soccer for free but requiring a lot of volunteers and limited parking. Will send out a survey this week to determine interest by families to participate with a fee. We have a lot of events needing volunteers so we don’t want to burn out our helpers.
  • PBIS Student Store – March 25- 2-3 volunteers worked great last time. Will discuss at next CAP meeting.


  • Scholastic Book Fair- Volunteer sign up genius in dailies. Short shifts. Signup for what you can.
  • Grad Night coordinator- Students don’t seem concerned with a celebration sponsored by
    CAP at this time. Will ask parents again if there’s interest. Maybe kids have their own activities planned?
  • In-school volunteers must be fully vaccinated and masked
  • Must be cleared by the school district through the volunteer application on CAM website


  • Senior Yard Signs? A parent was asking. Can order individually- or if she’s interested in coordinating we can make it a small fundraiser to buy gifts for graduating students. Suzanne or Hollie to reach out and determine if there’s an interest to coordinate.
  • Zoom in March? TBD- Probably zoom 3/1 12pm.
  • 8th grade recognition committee meeting Wednesday via zoom Link being sent out to parents who indicated interest. Send email to Camacademyparents@gmail.com if you want to be included tomorrow or during future meetings.
  • Mr. Cowl is working on a move up day for current 8th graders and having a school-wide Taco bar on Friday, March 4th. Will advise if this is possible and if he would like volunteers.
  • CAP will be sponsoring PBIS Treat on Friday 2/4. Ice cream and fruit pops will be given to students during lunch.
  • CAM new student registration open 2/1. Most applications are because of word of mouth. Please share if you know of students who may be interested.
  • 2/17 Zoom parent info night that will be recorded this year so it doesn’t have to be repeated 6 times. CAM teachers will be available to answer questions.
  • CAP sponsored ice skating or Prom for High school? Waiting to see if they reach out to CAP for support. We are happy to help.


  • Amazon Smile & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school.
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps. Scan receipts.

Treasurer’s Report. Sarah unavailable. Suzanne can share if requested.

Principal’s Report- CAM building update sent to families on Monday.

We’ll see you on March 1st for our next CAP meeting.