12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, via Zoom 


Attendees based on zoom names: Suzanne Baker, Hollie Amundson, Ryan Cowl, Jennifer Ludin, Donita Parker, Ana Taylor, Katie Plummer, Melissa Winegardner, Sean Karbowicz, Rus, Home Dator



  • Payback books – Sales were much better than last year and better than expected overall.  Profit will be over $2000 after we write a check for half of sales.
  • MOD Pizza Fundraiser- Check in the amount of $536 to be mailed to CAM. 
  • Thanksgiving Lunch- Was extremely well received by students and staff.  Many volunteers and it was run very well.  Thanks to Donita for coordinating and for getting individual pies for students!! Donita will update notes for next year.
  • Amazon Smile- Quarterly dividend of about $78.
  • Library- Proving to be very popular, especially from 2-2:30.  Some students are leaving because of the crowds.  Melissa is requesting an assistant from 2:00-2:30.  Ana suggested a high school student might be interested. (volunteer hours?). Also need to resolve the internet connection issue.  Ryan Cowl will look into using a sub account login for access.  Melissa also suggested a barcode and scanner setup.  Possible cost of 100$.  Will discuss further.



  • Spirit wear Sale- Past company used not communicating with Kristina, our coordinator.  She is now researching new companies to help us with spirit wear.  This may be an ongoing sale online with no minimum orders.  Kristina will be reviewing options and advise what she chooses.
  • Surprise Treat Day- coming up December 10.  Grab and go hot cocoa packets and candy canes. Volunteers: Jennifer Ludin, Ana Taylor, Melissa Winegardner, Donita Parker. Report to office/bistro 1:45 Friday, December 10 to pick up supplies.  Hand out in front of double doors, primary rooms, HS, and 4th grade Whitten (back of school). 
  • PBIS Store- 2 shifts.  10-12 and 12-2pm.  We will be handing out prizes to all our ticket earners!  
  • Pizza Tuesday: Suzanne Baker and Kristina Tavares offering to each coordinate 1 day a month.  Plan to start in January- 2nd and 4th Tuesday.  Will need volunteers to help.  Sign ups will be placed in the dailies and maybe sent via email. 



  • PBIS store- December 10 (see notes above.  Thank you for the help!)
  • Game Night coordinator- still looking for volunteer to lead this
  • Grad Night coordinator- still looking for volunteer to lead this
  • In-school volunteers must be fully vaccinated and masked
  • Must be cleared by the school district through the volunteer application on CAM website



  • Scholastic Book fair- Will be adding sign up interest list in dailies.  Set up will be Friday, February 11.  Fair will run Feb. 14-18.  Goal is $3500 in sales to help teachers receive the most funding to build their libraries and purchase classroom supplies.
  • Kids heart health challenge- Kick off Feb. 28.  Looking for a volunteer to coordinate a snack for participants on heart health day and send messages with heart challenge lessons to teachers. (messages provided by American Heart association).
  • Hoping to help HS with events through CAP as they are unable to use ASB funds due to school restrictions. Possible event in January and also hoping to help with prom in May. 
  • Wednesday Fun day budget: $300.  Katie Plummer organizing.  



  • In-person in January?  Will attempt a hybrid in person for those who can be in person, zoom combo for those who are unable to be in person meeting.  Time change to 1pm-2pm.  Look for zoom link and time change.  In person meeting will be upstairs in the teacher’s lunch room.



  • Amazon Smile & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school.  $78 from Amazon, $168 from Fred Meyer this quarter.  Thanks for linking your accounts to CAP!!
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps.  Scan receipts.


Treasurer’s Report- review of income and some expenses 


Principal’s Report- There will be multiple future CAM building updates at board meetings.  These are recorded if you are unable to attend via zoom or in person.  


We’ll see you on January 4th for our next CAP meeting.