1pm in the Teacher’s lounge
(also transmitting meeting via zoom)

Zoom update: used a private hotspot and connection was a bit spotty and kept dropping people. Will attempt on a personal cell phone next time?

In person attendees: Suzanne Baker,Donita, Jen Ludin, Melissa W, Kristina T, Ryan Cowl, Katie Cowl, Hollie A. Zoom: Jamie Jones, Katie Plummer, Lilla Mattson


  • Wednesday Fun Day: Went extremely well and families enjoyed themselves. This event was very well organized (THANK YOU Katie Plummer) and well run (Thank you Crosley lanes). Katie sending thank you notes to Crosley and to individuals. We were told CAM Academy families are welcome back any time in the future. They loved hosting our group.
  • Amazon Smile Rewards $149.87 (Several parents claim responsibility for this amount… haha. Please keep using Amazon smile with purchases if possible.)


  • Surprise Treat day- April 22 This surprise treat day has been bumped to Friday, May 13. We usually give out otter pops for this treat and need to see if they’re available in the stores. Also- snow day and crazy weather so postponing the otter pops to later in the year.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week – May 2-6. Katie Cowl update:
    Monday: Bakery items (No sign ups- she has enough volunteers– Tori Denfeld to bake gluten free muffins)
    Tuesday: Plants/flowers
    Wednesday: Potluck (Sign ups?– will finalize menu soon)
    Thursday: Coffee (Hollie dutch bros run; checking Dutch bros re: pricing)
    Friday: Wear your homeroom/advisory teacher’s favorite color?
    Also, Katie Plummer helping make small treats for everyone given throughout the week.
  • 8th Grade Recognition- June 13-
    Chief umtuch booked for 6pm ceremony. Teachers and parents emailed. Working on baby photo/current photo slide show. Will adjust ceremony and special 8th grade field day based on snow day school schedule adjustments.

    • Possibly email 7th grade families to start finding who may be interested in leading next year’s 8th grade ceremony

LIBRARY – Final day to check out books will be Thursday, May 26th. Library will be open to return books June 2nd. Message to be placed in the dailies. Melissa may be looking for help packing up library after June 2nd. Also willing to run library next year.

PIZZA TUESDAY- 3 final pizza Tuesdays. This will end in May. Message to dailies for final dates:
April 26th, May 10, May 24th. We will no longer sell pizza punch cards but we will accept them as payment. (need to reorder). Cash/checks are always accepted.


  • Pizza Tuesday– Link in dailies.
  • 8th grade Recognition-field day help- sign up genius online, getting volunteers. This may need to adjust based on school schedule.
  • Surprise treat day- will need to have volunteers bring scissors
    Must be cleared by the school district through the volunteer application on CAM website


  • Nominations for next year CAP board and committee chairs – May meeting–Please only volunteer yourself.
    If you are interested in joining the board or heading up a committee please contact us at camacademyparents@gmail.com

Scholastic book fair: must pick dates now or they give you the same dates/similar dates as prior year. Katie Plummer looking to get November or December dates for Scholastic book fair.

Teachers are spending their funds. They have free shipping until July 31st.


  • Amazon Smile & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school.
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps. Scan receipts.

Treasurer’s Report- Pizza Tuesday breaking even as expected.. However had a large surplus from 4/12 due to snow day/kids not attending Tuesday due to weather conditions.

Principal’s Report- CAM open house expected to move forward May 25th. Maybe with timed entry so nobody feels crowded? Due to CAM modular building being delayed, we will be using more classrooms in Lewisville A, B, and board room building. Hoping for students to be able to move in to first modular after winter break. Octagon building will be in use for 1 year. Mr. Cowl will keep us posted.

CAM BBQ with families will be Friday, June 3rd. NW Natural will be lending us their large tents for shelter from any rain/sun. Families will be invited.

Dumpster for teachers will be out June 8-June 17 for pre-move clean up.

We’ll see you on May 3rd in person at 1pm.