1:00 pm 1:40 pm, via Zoom


  • MOD Pizza Fundraiser – Deena R. finally received both checks from MOD. We received $375 in total, which we have deposited. Thank you so much, Deena, for all your hard work on this fundraiser! Thanks to our families for supporting us so well during this crazy time!
  • Payback Books – sales during picture days didn’t go great. We sold only 2 books. We still have almost 2 full boxes left. The plan was to sell them through the end of 2020. If you have any ideas where to sell them, please email us. Otherwise, we will plan to wrap that up.
  • Cluster Photo Sharing – December Winner and Discussion re: taking a break – We are having the same few people participate each month, so we will plan to take a break for now. If people want to start it up again after a while, please let us know. Anjelina Shevchenko, 5th grade, won the drawing for the month, so she will receive a $10 DB card.
  • Teacher Encouragement – Hollie did a cute ornament that emphasized JOY and was a nice treat for the teachers. Katie Cowl is on for January. Please let us know ideas, or if you’d like to take a month. Hollie A. is willing to continue on, but is also happy to let someone else take a month.
  • Minecraft – We started our CAM server back up. So far, it is going well. There are 6 people on the whitelist. In order to get on the whitelist and participate, students need to send their name and Player Name to the CAP email, and we will sign them up and share the server info.


  • Amazon Smile & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school.
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps. Scan receipts.


  • 8th Grade Recognition
  • High School Grad Night – Greg L. reported that the grad team is selling Papa Murphy’s $5 discount cards, and have sold about half of their 50 cards. We purchase them for $1 each, and sell them for $5, keeping $4 profit from each card. They have several coupons on each card.
  • Parents of Alumni Contact List – We would like to find a parent who would be willing to work on compiling a list, starting with this year’s senior parents. Hopefully, we can grow it from year to year and report fundraisers to parents of previous CAM students / alumni.
  • Game Night – February – maybe we want to try a virtual event? Maybe we do online bingo, or a socially-distanced scavenger hunt around town with selfie check-ins. We would love it if someone would like to take this on, and try to keep some of our events alive.


  • Budget for this year is posted on the CAP Website / Monthly budget presented at meeting
  • Megan presented the budget – it was a slow month, as usual. We received funds from MOD and a donation (THANKS!). We are up for the school year thus far, not down, but there are some receipt refunds still waiting for submission. We paid out one teacher request, and received $40 from Payback, $350 in donations, and $375.33 from MOD.


  • We discussed whether or not we need to move the black CAP cabinet to the commons, because the old computer lab is going to be a Covid Room. Mr. Cowl is going to follow up on that and doesn’t think we’ll need to move it, because we don’t anticipate needing to access it during the school day.


  • Hybrid learning will be coming up. Feb 1 is the projected start date for grades 3 and 4 at CAM. Mr. Cowl is still working on details and will be putting out more details as he and the teaching team work them out, so stay tuned! Mr. Cowl was also asked about parent volunteering – he said he will ask if we are going to be able to process volunteer forms again, but at the moment, the district is not even taking volunteer forms, which makes volunteering unfeasible.

Next Meeting: February 2, 2021, at 6 p.m. via Zoom