February 2, 2021

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, via Zoom



  • Payback Books – We have sold 94 books online and 26 at the school – it’s been a difficult sales year across the board due to the Coronavirus, but at least we were able to sell some.
  • Teacher Encouragement – Katie Cowl did January – she had a cute Dr. Seuss poem with a candy bar for each teacher. Hollie A. suggested making a shared album of previous teacher appreciation pieces. Suzanne B. said we could compile them in Google Drive or maybe on the Cluster page for future reference. Hollie A. is covering this each month, but would be very happy to have someone else pick up a month.
  • Minecraft – 9 students are currently on the whitelist (elementary and middle). Everything seems to be going well, with no problems or concerns. If anyone wants to join, email CAP with their full name and their player/user name, and we will set them up on the server.
  • PBIS Update – The PBIS group had been working on possibilities for a joint event with CAP – some sort of Student Appreciation Drive-Thru. The PBIS group had been looking at Wed., Feb. 17, but that isn’t working because we don’t have the staff and parents cannot volunteer currently. Ms. Marks is thinking about passing rewards (and honor roll certificates?) out at attestation time once the Elementary AND Middle School students are all on campus – they will discuss this more during the PBIS meeting next Wednesday, the 10th. PBIS is looking for a collaboration with CAP, so we will ask Katie S. if she’d like to work on partnering with PBIS for a joint student appreciation event, possibly with CAP purchasing candy for the kids, as that is the typical student appreciation treat at this time of year.


  • Game Night – Feb 20th – Normally we have a family game night in the commons, but this year, we are going virtual, with a scavenger hunt in and around Battle Ground via the GooseChase app. We will have prizes and it should be a fun socially distanced activity. We will let Cheryl know to get it on the calendar.
  • Presentation by Citizens for Better Schools – Upcoming levy vote – trying to get information out to folks – due to Covid, walk-n-knocks have not been possible. Amy Price, with Citizens for Better Schools, is asking us to do the following: vote, remind others to vote, and like the facebook page. They are creating a scavenger hunt event as part of First Friday BG – they have little “Citizen” toys in primary colors. You can grab a card from any store that participates (store list on FB page), and if you get 8 sign-offs from different businesses, it enters you into a prize drawing. They also still havesign-waving events if anyone wants to volunteer, Feb. 4 & 8, 3:30-5. Votebgschools.org is the website.


  • Amazon Smile & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school. – We received $154 from FM this quarter. It’s a great consistent way to keep supporting CAP. Thank you!
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps. Scan receipts.


  • 8th Grade Recognition – Tammy said they are in a holding pattern, waiting to see if things open up so they can know what to plan, whether drive-thru or in-person.
  • High School Grad Night – plant sale fundraiser is coming up. The grad committee has been trying to come up with several contingency plans so they can have options. Maybe it will be an afternoon to evening event in a cheap or free location on the weekend after, rather than an overnighter at a venue the night of graduation. The committee has been very limited in fundraising options. They are thinking about outdoor gatherings, and again, how to get something special for the kids while dealing with the restrictions that may be in place. They may end up doing something in the evening at CAM, then use the field and parking lot, and maybe the church building. Mr. Cowl is willing to ask about using the CAM building for grad night – often it’s a no-go because of risk management.
  • Parents of Alumni Contact List – please let us know if you are interested in helping us with that.


  • Budget for this year is posted on the CAP Website / Monthly budget usually presented at meeting, but Megan T. had car trouble and couldn’t make it tonight.


  • We need to change our web-hosting platform. Right now, we have webs.com with a free site, which has been fine, but quite limited (i.e., we cannot have a spiritwear store, or anything else that uses html). However, they are phasing the free offering out by March31. No matter what, we will have to change our domain name, and we should do it soon, so our old site has a banner directing traffic to the new site. One good option is to set up a WordPress site (very common, has good upgrades) that Sarah G. can get us onto for free, and we can use something simple like “camacademyparents.com” as our address. We liked the sound of more flexibility, a better address, and continued affordability, so we have asked Sarah G. to pursue that change to WordPress.
  • Ms. Campbell and the year book staff are having a really tough time getting photos this year. Please spread the word that they are needing high school photos. She asked if CAP would provide $120 worth of $10 gift cards as an incentive for photo submissions.Suzanne B. will coordinate that. Hollie A. suggested we check in and offer to help Mr. Clapp and the Middle School yearbook staff, as well.
  • We will need to move CAP meetings, because school will start dismissing at 1:30. We discussed trying out 12-1, so people can be free to pick up their kids.


  • Next year, they will have one info meeting for new families and have it recorded and posted.
  • Enrollment is now open, so tell your friends. Currently, it looks like there is a bit of room at every grade, and obviously, more seats open at 3rd grade. It is first-come,first-served.
  • Hybrid for middle school looks very promising, possibly around Feb. 22, with the current Clark County numbers. It sounds like even if the numbers go back up, they will not go away from hybrid as far as we currently understand.
  • Elementary started this week – there are 9 or 10 kids per class, which is great, and the kids are so happy to be back at school.



Next Meeting: March 2, 2021, at 12 p.m. via Zoom