CAP General Meeting Notes September 8, 2020

1:00 pm – 1:40 pm, via Zoom


  • Purpose of CAP – Suzanne welcomed us and introduced our CAP purpose statements.

BYLAW CHANGE PROPOSALS PRESENTED: 4 items need updated – fiscal year due to reflect IRS / state requirements (2 bylaws affected), current officers for the year, and possibility of zoom meetings. We will vote on these proposed changes next month.


  • Tori Denfeld is our new VP this year
  • Most events are on hold indefinitely – we hope to be inventive and find ways to connect our community, even though it’s not a “normal” school year right now. We would love to get ideas and feedback from parents.
  • Our annual Back to School Teacher Breakfast was still held, and went well. Rather than our traditional potluck, Suzanne B. purchased Panera boxed breakfasts for each teacher and staff member. This cost about $200.
  • Ice Cream Social went well. We handed out a lot of ice cream bars during the “drive-by” book passing-out time. It was still fun.
  • Teacher requests fulfilled – Mr. Rowe and Mrs. Harpe asked for sets of books for the new year. These cost $478 and $700. We encourage and remind the teachers to request what they might need in the classroom.
  • Retirement gifts for teachers – Mrs. Boyle (4th) retired – Suzanne B. used her “favorite things” page to make a gift basket for her. Mr. Albers, Sr. also retired, so we got him a gift card. Mr. Murray and Mrs. Karlsen left for ROL – we sent them a “we miss you and hope to see you again” gifts.


  • Payback Book Fundraiser – Now through Oct. 2
    • All ONLINE this year!
    • Please help us make it a success by promoting and purchasing. ANYONE can purchase a book.
  • MOD Pizza Fundraiser – October 14th – buy pizza and let them know it’s for the CAM Fundraiser.


  • Amazon Smile (now works on iPhones!!!) & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school.
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps. Start scanning receipts.


  • Budget for 2020-2021 – Megan told us about the treasurer’s report for Sept. We got our Amazon Smile money and some interest, so it was a small month. We also talked about the budget. We worked on figuring out a way to share our monthly budget with the group in future, but for this month, we can post it on the website and next month, we can attach it to the agenda.


  • Suzanne presented the idea of creating some sort of ongoing activities to foster community – maybe a weekly challenge – she’s heard of virtual 5Ks, scavenger hunts, etc. Please join us in brainstorming. Send us your ideas via email! We can work on posting with facebook.
  • painting rocks
  • Virtual 5K run
  • Scavenger hunt
  • reviving facebook groups and making sure each grade has one
  • new student friendship facilitation
  • Selfie contest
    • in Harvest / Halloween theme for October
    • of special talents, etc.
  • Would a different time be better? Suzanne asked for feedback regarding the best time for monthly meetings. CAP is putting out a SurveyMonkey asking about best times for meetings and about any ideas for community connection. Please give us your feedback!
  • Ms. Marks introduced herself and thanked CAP for all the support. Parents (of primary graders and upper-classmen) thanked her for sending individual postcards to students. Thanks, Ms. Marks!


  • Potential staffing changes – retirements and moves – there are a number of displaced teachers across the district due to declining enrollment. Tomorrow or Wednesday, they will get to choose from the open positions across the district based upon seniority. It’s hard to say who will end up where – he hopes to hear Wed. afternoon. Later this week, they will hopefully be training with the “transitional teachers” who have been doing a great job of temporarily teaching

    these classes. The idea is that by next Monday, 9/14, the new teachers might be able to be in place.

  • We found out, through parent comment, that Mrs. Hart had told the kids she is going to go to ROL for the remainder of this year. Mr. Cowl explained that Hart, Murry, and Karlsen are on a one-year commitment to ROL and will have the option of returning to CAM next year.
  • Nothing new with building news. The district is still working on purchasing the building, and is still leasing at the moment. Nothing has been approved yet by the board. Things are on the back burner due to Covid.
  • Some students have still not activated their Zoom links. He wanted to let parents know that they need to do that, or they won’t be able to get into Zoom after 9/14. “Ken Wade” is legitimate, so please do accept that link. He is from BGSD, even though the email isn’t clear about that.

We’ll see you October 6th on Zoom from 1-1:40 pm for our next CAP meeting.