CAP General Meeting Minutes –  September 6, 2022

1pm, Building B 

Attended: Hollie Amundson, Kristina Tavares, Melissa Winegardner, Donita Parker, Tori Denfeld, S. Chapman, Carolyn Pikering, Alla Pankratova, Katie Plummer, Mr. Cowl

Introductions: Each attendee introduced themselves

Purpose of CAM Academy Parents (CAP): To support CAM Students and staff, fundraise to allow purchase and financial support of teacher requests and student activities that help build community at CAM Academy.


  • Introduced CAP Board for 22/23 school year. President Hollie Amundson, Shared VP/Secretary roles by Kristina Tavares and Tori Denfeld, Secretary Sarah Locatis
  • Explain we are no longer conducting CAP meetings via Zoom as an option for attendance
  • CAP provided the annual Teacher’s Breakfast on August 23rd.  Last year it was catered but chose to do homemade options with yogurt parfait bar and bagels
  • Ice Cream Social provided on August 31st.  Offered Orange creamsicle bars, fudge bars, vanilla/chocolate bars and frozen ICEE treats.  Went very well!  Lots of attendees came to see new campus.


  • Mr. Caughie asked for a vacuum for his classroom.  Was advised by a custodian that if he started vacuuming his classroom himself, he would then be responsible and it would not be done with the professional vacuum cleaner by the custodians.  Decided to postpone that request until we discuss with Mr. Caughie further.
  • 6th Grade ELA would like to CAP to purchase copies of the book, “A Wrinkle in Time” for class use.  Looking into using credit with Scholastic, which they do not currently stock. Other option is used found online for $239 for the set.  CAP attendees approved this purchase


  • Pizza Tuesday is set to begin September 27th if enough volunteers are available.  Sign-up Genius has been made and currently looks to be well covered for first few dates
  • Spirit Wear Coordinator – Kristina has stepped down as coordinator.  Design from last year is on a website that can be ordered by individuals to be shipped directly to their home.  If we get a new coordinator, they can develop a new design and find a producer
  • 8th Grade Recognition Committee Leader 
  • Teacher Appreciation Coordinator
  • Watch Dog Coordinator
  • All volunteers need to be cleared through the school district on the BGPS site and show proof of vaccinations or have a waiver form filled out.  


  • Payback Book Fundraiser – coming soon, this week or next.  Usual format.$20 per book, $10 goes back to the school. Please help us make it a success by sharing/purchasing
  • MOD Pizza Fundraiser moved to Wednesday, October 5th.


  • Amazon Smile & Fred Meyer Rewards – Go to CAP website/CAM dailies to find out how to link your account to our school. 
  • Box Tops – download the app and follow the steps. Scan receipts.


  • Spent less than half of what was budgeted for the Teacher’s Breakfast. Budget was $300. Not all receipts turned in yet, but around $115 was spent.



  • Drop off and pick up are going better.  First day of school was a little rough. Advising to drop kids off at Captain Strong parking lot in A.M. and pick up in the Chief Umtuch parking lot in the P.M. to help with the flow of cars coming into the CAM parking lot.  
  • Mr. Cowl sent out an email asking for a large rock to be donated that the seniors each year can paint.  It will sit in the courtyard until moved to the new campus next year. Seniors will also get a large mural they can paint.
  • Currently the gym is ready for lunches, but it is still very warm in there.  Students will be having lunch outside as long as the weather permits and the temperatures cool a bit.