CAP General Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2024

1pm-2pm, Library



  • Teacher Appreciation (how is it going? Does Katie C need any help?) Katie is at $473 atm, no more help is need at this time  
  • Plant Sale results? Marsha?  Sarah D? Profits are around $300-$400, Delivery no times yet, once Marsha knows she will have Cheryl add it to the Dailies 
  • Got Sneakers – Donita. How were donations? Try again next year? 152 pairs of shoes, Amount unknown, check should come in June, Borges class is the winner- Donita is checking with Borges to see what day works best for her, perhaps NHS could have this fundraiser next year, we will see when the check arrives to see if it was worth doing again. 



  • HS Knowledge bowl team is requesting 2 cases of Izze drinks.  They are hosting a trivia night/fundraiser for equipment and funding to travel to future events.  (currently on sale at Costco 12.49/case)  They would like to have help ordering pizza through CAP.  They will cover the costs for their trivia night.  Crystal or Sarah check with Eric Harpe?

*Izze sale at costco is over, Amazon has cases for $17, APPROVED after vote yes, Crystal will contact Eric Harpe for pizza order and Izze order 

  • HS National Honor Society is requesting a general fund donation to help them with a variety of goals and activities.  

*Flag funding vote- no 

*no flat amount, prefer to see where the money is going, individual requests was preferred going forward

  • HS teachers- Request for $320 to fund their end of year BBQ where they grill and make food for all high-school students.  Last year, due to inflation, we gave them $350 (they didn’t use it all). 

*Money request vote-yes approved 

*June 13th new day from 11-2

  • Revisit request by Candace Allen for fidget pedals? Voted- Yes approved 



  • Spring plant sale- grad night 2024 (Marsha)- Done, see notes above  
  • GotSneakers fundraiser- Donita- Done, see notes above 
  • 8th Grade party- Katie Plummer is sending out info/permission slips.  Coordinating all the fun and sent out a sign up genius to families this week.
  • 8th grade ceremony- work in progress.  Sending out a message to get Kristina Tavares support in organizing.  (Hollie will print certificates)


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (Must be cleared by BGPS to volunteers)

  • Library? * volunteers are good through end of year, no help needed, hopefully do a sign up for the library at the ice cream social in August and/or add to dailies 
  • What roles would you like to play next year?  Priority would go to someone who has already coordinated an event.  Please be willing to cross-train someone if more than 1 person is interested so we can transition to new event coordinators in the future if original coordinators need or want to move on.


  • Spring Plant Sale – Pickup 16th from CAM *times not available yet for pick up 
  • Papa Murphy’s coupon cards- trying to figure out a time.  Seniors can sell but it would be ideal to have an adult handling money and supervising.  1 or 2 days at the end of a school day from 1:30-2:10?  *Marsha will help with selling cards



  • Fred Meyer Rewards $193.50
  • Red Robin $167.18




Principal’s Report

  • CAM Building Update *Mr Clapp is retiring, hired Andrea Smith as a replacement, Cheryl Spencer is also retiring, Lainie Stacy is taking her place! 


Proposal: Move the final CAP meeting from 6/4 (Tuesday) to 6/6 (Thursday)?  Many people gone to Zoo field trip, last pizza tuesday, and spotlight on seniors event taking place 6/4.

Monday the 3rd seemed to work best for everyone  


Thank you to Crystal and Tori for leading the meeting.


Please start thinking about roles you’d like to play next year.  Did you enjoy this year’s volunteering? Want to change things up? Put your names in so Hollie can create a google form for voting after the May meeting/nominations, Results at the June meeting. 


CAP Volunteer Positions

Please write your name(s) next to each position you’re interested in.  If there are multiple people, you can be co-leaders or we can put it to a vote.  Hollie will build a google form for official voting.  Goal: have voting completed by 5/24.  We can have some positions open into next year.  It would be ideal to have a full executive board. 


Executive Board Positions

  • President:
    • Preside over general CAP meetings and executive board meetings; serve as the official representative of CAP; hold an annual audit of the financial records of CAP.
  •  Vice President:
    • Oversee the committee system of CAP; assist the president and chair meetings in the absence of the president.
  • Secretary:
    • Record and distribute minutes of all general membership meeting; hold historical records and attendance records for CAP; manage communications such as email, Facebook, bulletin board, and CAP website.
  • Treasurer
    • Serve as custodian of CAP finances. Collect revenue, pay authorized expenses, report financial records and prepare a suggested budget for the following year to present for approval at June’s executive board meeting.



Board Positions

  • Pizza Tuesdays- CRYSTAL KATER 
    • Place orders and coordinate volunteers
  • Payback Book Fundraiser
    • Arrange for order form and book deliveries
    • Coordinate volunteers stuffing envelopes, distributing books, collecting money, etc
  • Spirit Wear
    • Collect order forms, tally amounts, place order, distribute items
  • Box Tops Fundraiser
    • Promote clipping and scanning Box Tops
    • Collect, count, organize and mail in box tops
    • Organize box top contests
  • Restaurant Fundraiser 
    • Arrange date and time with restaurant. 
  • Thanksgiving Lunch
    • Collect and tally order forms/money
    • Order food, purchase supplies
    • Organize volunteers to bring food, help with check in and clean up
  • Student Appreciation
    • Organize student surprises! This could be hot chocolate, candy, etc
  • Teacher Appreciation
    • Oversee coordination and implementation of activities (breakfast, lunch, treats) within approved budget.
  • 8th Grade Recognition- HOLLIE AMUNDSON 
    • Oversee coordination of event within approved budget.


  • High School Graduation Night Coordinator- Candace Allen 
    • Plan, organize and oversee coordination of event within approved budget including fundraising.
  • Library
    • Coordinate volunteers; hours of operations; adding donated and new books to library
  • Game Night
    • Publicity, organize volunteers, arrange for refreshments, etc.
  • Wednesday Fun Day- KATIE PLUMMER 
    • Publicity, coordinate with facility
  • Website Coordinator-KATIE PLUMMER 
    • Assist secretary in managing CAP Facebook page and CAP website.
  • PBIS Store Coordinator- student store 

                        ***** monthly store for students


  • Scholastics Coordinator- Book Fair (do we want to add this to library duties?)